Fire Officials Remind to Check Smoke Detector Batteries This Weekend


Clocks fall back an hour on Sunday.

As per tradition, Quebec's fire safety services are encouraging everyone to check their smoke detectors and replace batteries as necessary.

A release from FASNY says alarms equipped with either removable or sealed-in batteries both need to be tested. More than half of the non-working smoke alarms either had missing or disconnected batteries.

Smoke detectors usually only have a lifespan of ten years. When the smoke detector first sounded, not enough smoke even existed for them to see the fire in their toaster oven. "It is a fact that working smoke alarms save lives".

"They will set up a date and a time to come to your home". Dead batteries caused almost a quarter of smoke alarm failures.

"In the event of a fire, you may have only one or two minutes to escape".

"They're the main line of defence to protect you when you have a fire in the house, especially when you're sleeping", he said. California has been recognizing daylight saving time since 1949.

"Space heaters are for temporary use only to take a little bit of chill out of a room while you're in it".

"We had a case a few weeks ago in which a smoke detector alerted the nice couple to a fire in their kitchen during the day", Forgerson said.