Saudi Arabia says it intercepts missile close to capital


Saudi military forces have intercepted missiles fired from Yemen several times in the past.

At the airport of the capital of Saudi Arabia Riyadh explosion, which was caused by the released rebels from Yemen ballistic missile.

Meanwhile, a Houthi-linked TV channel said the missile was launched at the airport.

The Riyadh airport tweeted soon after that it hadn't been affected.

A spokesman for the rebels said they fired a Burkan 2-H missile, a ballistic missile with a range of more than 500 miles.

"Travelers across King Khalid worldwide airport in Riyadh, we assure you that the movement is going on as normal and usual, and trips going according to time", the airport tweeted.

Al Masirah, a TV network run by the Houthi rebels, also claimed responsibility for the attack on their social media account.

A Saudi-led coalition became involved in 2015 to help prop up Hadi's government after Shiite Huthis seized the capital Sanaa.

The armed conflict in Yemen continues with March 2014.

Despite thousands of airstrikes and a blockade of Yemen from the sea and air, the Saudi-led coalition has failed to push the Houthis out, although it does claim to have reduced the territory the rebels control.