Could A Nintendo Game Boy Classic Edition Be In The Works?


NintendoPromotional picture for the Nintendo SNES Classic Mini.

The trademark filing flew under the radar until Japanese news sites like Rocket News 24caught wind of it in recent days.

Though Nintendo is now more into mobile games, the Game Boy holds a nostalgic value to the fans. With the NES Classic re-release happening in Summer 2018 there is really no reason for Nintendo to add another retro system into the mix next year. The famous Nintendo console is coming back in stock this week, so if you missed it make sure to grab one before Nintendo discontinues this one too.

Nintendo has already released a Classic Mini NES and a Classic Mini SNES, and it appears the company is not finished yet. The filing does cover a variety of "home video game console" programs, "programs for smartphones", and various clothing and accessory items such as watches, necklaces, smartphone covers and cases, and key holders.

A Twitter bot tasked with skimming Japanese trademarks recently stumbled across one from Nintendo that has the Internet talking. As long as you have a 1280 by 720 piece of art that works well with a massive hole in the middle, better SNES Classic border art is just a few short steps away. In 2005, the Japanese firm came up with a smaller version of the Game Boy Advance, dubbed as the Game Boy Micro. In July, the company filed a similar trademark application that included an image of the Nintendo 64 controller. Fun fact: Milton Bradley's Microvision released in 1979 is actually the first the handheld game console to use interchangeable cartridges (and it was also featured in the movie Friday the 13th: Part II). That move seems even more likely as the 30th anniversary of the first Game Boy will happen in 2019.