Dove apologises after advert showing black woman is dubbed 'racist'


The post, which has since been removed, reportedly showed a woman of color in a brown T-shirt removing her shirt to become a white woman in a white t-shirt.

Dove has issued an apology after receiving complaints that their latest online advertisement was racist.

Despite having apologized and removed the ad, Dove set the internet ablaze.

The second ad in that tweet was from 2011, when Dove released a body wash ad showing three women of differing skin tones standing in a row.

Dove has apologised for the ad saying that they missed the mark in thoughtful portrayal of women of colour.

Makeup artist Naythemua said the campaign was "tone deaf" and indicative of the messaging black people in the USA receive about the color of their skin the Independent is reporting.

The ad was deleted from the page but not before screenshots were shared across the web. In the video, a black woman is shown using the wash, "taking off her shirt" and becoming a white woman - in a transition that echoes the technology used in Michael Jackson's video clip for "Black or White".

"Yes I could see where they tried but really they didn't have no black person at the company to say no", replied NayTheMua. One has to wonder how that advert even got made let alone how the concept was pitched in a meeting and no one said anything.

In May, Dove U.K. sold limited edition bottles of soap that were intended to mimic different body types and shapes, which some took to mean that women are defined by their body type.

It didn't take long for stills from the ad to circulate across the internet, breaking down just how racist it is toward Black women. We absolutely do not condone any activity or imagery that insults anyone.

At the time, Dove said it was committed to featuring realistic and attainable images of beauty in its advertising.

"We're putting out these ads with these subliminal messages that are telling young ladies that your darker skin is not handsome enough, you need to purify and clean yourself", she said in a now-viral video.