Kid Rock blasts Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood 'scumbag' culture


Riding on the back of the recent New York Times report regarding Harvey Weinstein's history of sexual harassment, another woman has come forward to accuse the film producer of indecent exposure and sexual assault.

Sivan claims Weinstein took her down past the kitchen and to a secluded area. When they made it to the kitchen, Weinstein allegedly dismissed a pair of staffers, leaving Sivan alone with him.

"Well, can you just stand there and shut up."

Sivan told Huffington Post journalist Yashar Ali that Weinstein trapped her in a restaurant hallway and forced her to watch him masturbate until he ejaculated into a pot plant.

Sivan quickly ended the phone conversation, reminding Weinstein that she had a boyfriend.

That was the last contact the two had.

By the time she headed toward the kitchen, Sivan and Weinstein had emerged, the friend said.

A New York Times report had eight women - including current and former employees of Weinstein - and Hollywood actress Ashley Judd sharing their experiences with Weinstein. A list of detailed questions was emailed to a Weinstein Company publicist.

Soon after Weinstein announced about recruiting Lisa Bloom as his advocate, she sent out a statement to Times denying numerous accusations as patently false.Little later, Weinstein announced that he would take a "leave of absence" from his company and sought professional help from Bloom who was a "tutor" in this effort. She was also trapped between Weinstein and the exit. Democratic politicians he had contributed to ferried his donations to charities supporting women in power, women took to Twitter to share their own stories of sexual harassment (there were many), and Lena Dunham wrote a powerful response on Instagram.

On Friday, Lisa Bloom, a lawyer representing Weinstein called his behavior "gross" and "illegal" even as she continued to defend him. Sivan says Weinstein ejaculated quickly into a potted plant that was in the vestibule and then proceeded to zip up his trousers and they walked back into the kitchen. "I can't go forward with those books unless Harvey resigns".

According to the report, the Miramax co-founder called Sivan the next day to tell her that he had a good time and invited her to meet with him again. She has not interacted with the movie mogul since.

As Weinstein left for an indefinite absence from work, one-third of his company's board members submitted their resignation.