Elon Musk Offers to Rebuild Puerto Rico's Hurricane-Devastated Electric Grid


When Scott Stapf read a story about Puerto Rico's "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rethink how it gets electricity", he had a thought: Could Elon Musk rebuild the country's electricity system with independent solar and battery systems? The electric vehicle maker's CEO tweeted that his company has already helped to bring more efficient power sources to smaller islands and could use this expertise to assist Puerto Rico in its moment of crisis.

Tesla is considering rebuilding Puerto Rico's storm-damaged power grid with its battery storage and solar energy equipment.

The idea could come to fruition.

With the Puerto Rican Government reporting that now only 9.2% of the island has access to electricity, Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossell├│, replied: "Let's talk".

Puerto Rico's fragile power grid was knocked offline after Hurricane Maria barreled through the US territory in late September, leaving millions of people without electricity.

Tesla has already sent a number of its battery packs to Puerto Rico to help the island store energy in an effort to offset the shortage. Renewable energy sources provided a mere 2 percent of Puerto Rico's power.

Tesla has already implemented systemwide solar and battery projects on islands like Kauai in Hawaii and another American Samoa. Ta'u's population is only a few hundred, and the entire project cost about $8 million.

Tesla promised to build the South Australia facility in 100 days or else waive its fee, and that build-out so far appears to be going well. The island's electricity company was declared bankrupt in July.

GM's Super Cruise, unlike Tesla's Autopilot, uses a lidar sensors to help it better map out the world around it.

"Let's talk. Do you want to show the world the power and scalability of your Tesla Technologies?" Some estimates have said that a full restoration of power may not return to Puerto Rico for as long as six months. In tweets that followed, Musk and Rossello agreed to talk more in detail about this on Friday. Last night, their governor, Ricardo Rossello, took to Twitter to take Mr. Musk up on that offer.