UCLA Basketball Recruiting: LaMelo Ball pulled out of Chino Hills High School


Without me training those players at my house.

LaMelo Ball still aims to join UCLA one day, but he'll be training and schooling at home in the meantime.

LaMelo is the youngest son of the Ball trio, a basketball family that has captivated and/or alienated the hoops world over the past year, depending on whom you ask.

The loss of LaMelo from the high school ranks will have a major impact on Southern California basketball.

Of course, LaVar didn't need to pull LaMelo entirely out of school just to get him away from a coach he didn't like.

USC's Tony Bland has hired a high-profile NY attorney to represent him against the federal charges that resulted in his arrest last week.

The junior scored 92 points in a game with his high school team past year, and now, Chino Hills' basketball team is the number four high school team in the nation.

LaVar had already expressed concerns about Chino Hills' new coach, Dennis Latimore, coming only a season after Stephan Gilling stepped up to coach the team, leaving after only one season. In addition, LaVar wants to train LaMelo to be "the best basketball player ever". Multiple compliance sources told Yahoo Sports in August that they believe LaVar may have rendered LaMelo ineligible to play in college when the Big Baller Brand released $395 signature shoes bearing his name.

With the Ball brothers in action, Chino Hills sold out games, competed for championships, and also went 35-0 a few years ago. Baik moved to Los Angeles Fairfax High last season; he said it was to cut down on the long commute from his home. Would it surprise anyone if LaVar uses his massive fame to publicly question Alford the same way he has the Chino Hills coaches?

According to the LA Times, LaMelo won't play for a team until next spring in travel ball.