Ryanair CEO apologises for "major management failure" over flight cancellations


"We would be happy to work with Ryanair on this issue to ensure it is an airline where pilots are proud to work. There isn't a union".

But he said that despite their contribution, the impact of allocating so much leave in four week blocks in September and October (together with air traffic control and weather delays) has resulted in up to 50 flights a day being cancelled for the next six weeks.

Another said "Pilots join Ryanair as they take people with minimal experience, once they have that experience they go to proper airlines with proper pay and conditions".

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary admitted for the fist time today that his airline cancelled nearly 2,000 flights because it doesn't have enough pilots, leading angry shareholders to criticise his "gung-ho management attitude". The Guardian newspaper also reported that Ryanair pilots are trying organize a protest under which they would refuse to do any work beyond what is required by their contracts, which would cause more scheduling headaches for the airline.

He told the AGM that the offer applied to pilots at London Stansted, Dublin, Frankfurt and Berlin airports. Some pilots were said to be hoping for a permanent pay increase, in addition to the bonus.

Micheal O'Leary apologised to shareholders, and again to customers, for the cancellation of 2,100 of its over 103,000 flights, due to a failure within its pilot rostering function.

Balpa says Ryanair's problems have been exacerbated by the high turnover rate of pilots.

The Irish Examiner reports a draft letter signed by Ryanair pilots has warned they will "work to rule". The reason for the planned cancellations was put down to the company not having enough pilots, as many had booked holidays for the autumn and early winter.

Ryanair's pilots may be a lot more hard to pacify than its passengers.

New contracts, the letter said, should help stop the large number of colleagues who are leaving for "greener pastures".

Ryanair expects to have processed over 300,000 alternative routings or refunds for customers - over 95% of affected customers - by the end of this week.