Pak developed short-range nuke weapons to counter India's "Cold Start" doctrine: Abbasi


Pakistan had short-range nuclear weapons to counter "Cold Start" doctrine being followed by Indian army, he said, adding the country does not have fielded tactical nuclear weapons.

Responding to another question about statement of Indian Representative at the United Nations regarding Pakistan 's Kashmir stance, Nafees Zakaria said the statement reflects the respect that India has for the world body and its non-seriousness in commitment towards worldwide conventions and laws on human rights. And relationships have their ups and downs.

"Abbasi claimed that Pakistan has never billed the United States forces for ground or air logistics across its territory. India is a threat to Pakistan, we accept that", Abbasi said.

The statement further added "Prime Minister shared Pakistan's concerns and views with regard to the USA strategy for South Asia". He had also called on India to help the USA more with Afghanistan, especially in the area of economic assistance and development.

"It's a very secure environment in which our strategic weapons are controlled and held". Abbasi said that the command-and-control systems they have in place are as secure as anybody else's in the world.

Asked how his country plans to take forward discussions with the Indian government given the ongoing diplomatic standoff between the two nations, Abbasi said "that certain core issues have to be addressed and Kashmir is one of the core issues".

Dr. Rouhani said that Iran was ready to complete the gas pipeline expressing hope that the obligations of both sides be fulfilled, which will be in the interest of both countries. According to the Pakistani leader, any intervention of India will only complicate the situation rather than resolving it. However, Abbasi said, "We don't foresee any political or military role for India in Afghanistan". He said that all countries have the right to trade and invest in any other country.

To a question about the release of Dr Afridi, who was arrested after the United States raid on a hideout to take out Osama bin Laden, he said he was in detention and under trial for violating the laws of the land. He said that the Pakistanis had defeated terrorism on their own soil and intend to continue the same in future also. "In the recent by-election, a candidate did use his picture in an election poster, which is illegal to do, and action will be taken against him by the election commission".