Chelsea Clinton Slams Moore Over 'Reds and Yellows' Remark


Trump has been convinced by Senate Republicans to help unusual, a reliable vote for the president's agenda, over Moore, a more outsider-fueled, rabble-rousing lightning rod closer to Trump's own mold.

President Trump travels to Alabama Friday for a campaign appearance with Sen.

Next Tuesday, Republican voters will decide between odd and former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore to be their representative in the general election on December 12, when the victor will take on Democrat Doug Jones of Birmingham. He was also twice removed from his position for flouting the law. "A vote for Moore, with Strange's Trump endorsement, is a vote for that Trump agenda". Trump's high-profile support could be the difference-maker in a state where Republicans still love him. Bentley then appointed him to the Senate seat before resigning. "That hump is really hard to get over", Montgomery-based radio talk show host Dale Jackson told HuffPost. Strange, who is capable but remarkably flexible on issues. This move has conservatives questioning Trump's choice of supporting unusual.

Politico spoke with more than a dozen GOP senators who say they're convinced Moore as a senator would add more cracks to the already thin ice the GOP is on. Brooks made these comments during the period in which the JMC survey was being conducted. Politifact, the website that fact-checks candidate statements, said the ad was selectively edited.

Moore is a grass-roots conservative, an outspoken critic of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Washington "swamp".

"Luther Strange is a champion of the Second Amendment, and Roy Moore can not be trusted with our gun rights".

Eighty-three percent of respondents supporting Moore also were aware that Trump endorsed unusual. He is aligned with the McConnell and aims to re-elect the incumbents.