Rebel Wilson Wins $3.6 Million Defamation Payout


CNN reports that Wilson filed the lawsuit after a series of Woman's Day articles alleged that the comedic actress was "a serial liar" who "fabricated nearly every aspect of her life".

Most of the damages the Supreme Court of Victoria awarded were to compensate her for significant financial losses incurred in acting roles she may have missed due to the articles.

An Australian judge awarded the damages to Wilson after the Bridesmaids actress successfully argued that a series of magazine articles wrongly portrayed her as a serial liar, reports the BBC.

In the case of Wilson v Bauer Media, Judge John Dixon found that Bauer Media published these allegations knowing them to false. When the jury delivered its verdict they answered every single point in my favor.

"He said the idea of the exasperated defamation and the phenomenal degree of dispersal makes vindication of specific significance".

I'm glad, very glad, that the jury has agreed with me. "It was hurtful and devastating that a corporation would do something like that, knowing that their paid anonymous source and stories were dodgy".

An Australian court believes Rebel Wilson's pitch was ideal.

The actress has pledged that she will be giving all the money away to charity and to scholarships and investment into the Australian film industry.

After she scores the role of Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, Wilson says her phone started ringing constantly with movie offers, paparazzi were parked outside her home and fans hugged her at the supermarket.

The record sum may affect future cases in Australia, but the ruling's impact may not extend beyond its borders.

"What it does is send out a clarion call to publishers, anyone tweeting and on social media that you have to watch out that you don't just hurt their reputation or their feelings but also their career and their job prospects", he said. On Twitter, she wrote, "OMG I'm actually a 100 year old mermaid formerly known as "CC Chalice" ....thanks shady Australian press for your tall poppy syndrome x".