Nintendo resurrecting NES Classic, increasing production on Super NES Classic


On the topic of the NES Classic Mini, Nintendo has announced that it will bring this system back, with new shipments from next summer.

Nintendo also committed to providing "dramatically" more units of its upcoming release, the Super NES Classic Edition, when it launches on September 29 - with the company promising to ship out more Super NES Classics on Day 1 than were shipped of the NES Classic all previous year.

This is the news that Nintendo fans clamouring have been waiting for since it was announced in April that the Classic NES Mini was being discontinued. Some users were faced with major technical problems from retailers making it near-impossible to pre-order the classic console last month. The SNES Classic was on a similar track: Pre-orders opened on August 22 and closed the same day.

Earlier, the company made a promise to offer more stock of the SNES Classic, but it did not sound very confident.

To be blunt, you're pretty much screwed.

The Classic Mini comes with 30 classic NES games built in, including Super Mario Bros, The Legend Of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. The popular mini-console sold out really quickly previous year, resulting in the company promising a ton of copies for the followup SNES Classic, which comes out in a few weeks. More units will then be shipped to stores on a regular basis. However, the company didn't give out any specifics regarding an exact release date.

The NES Classic and SNES Classic are miniature versions of Nintendo's iconic 8- and 16-bit consoles.

But now, Nintendo has confirmed the NES Classic console will return for those who couldn't get their hands on one the first time around. Given that this time, they seem to be going about this in the best way possible (in-store restocks and NES Classic thrown back in the mix), I'm going to assume, for now, that it's the latter.