Gillibrand Adds Support to Sanders' 'Medicare for All' Bill


Not only has Perez not endorsed a single-payer system, but in 2016, while campaigning for then Democratic primary candidate Hillary Clinton, he criticized challenger Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) for his support of single-payer health care.

"It's time to make the United States join every other major country on Earth and guarantee healthcare to all people as a right", Mr. Sanders' office wrote in an announcement on Facebook.

Sanders has, of course, long supported single payer and, for years, was the only prominent member of Congress to do so unabashedly. At this point it's fast becoming a prerequisite for any Democrat hoping to run for the presidency in 2020.

Sanders on Wednesday will roll out a Medicare-for-all bill, which aims to extend the Medicare program, federally funded insurance for people over the age of 65, to all Americans. A single payer bill in the House is cosponsored by more than half the Democratic caucus (though Nancy Pelosi is notably holding off). Well, they just happen to constitute four of the eight most likely 2020 Democratic presidential nominees, according to the handy list I put out Friday. In a single-payer structure the government pays all the medical bills.

Moreover, the late Tommy Douglas, who introduced Canadian single-payer in the 1960's, was accordingly voted all-time greatest Canadian in a 2004 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation survey. And, they might say, Bernie Sanders' slow-moving triumph over the Democratic Party proves that they were right. Although he has showered former President Barack Obama with high praise for passing the Affordable Care Act in 2010, Booker said Monday that Obama did not travel far enough down the single payer system road. While predictably progressive Sens. "It's the best way to ensure that every American finally has access to quality, affordable health care". With our health insurance markets collapsing under Obamacare's weight, the Democrats are seizing the opportunity, as they always do, to push the country further left.

This theory seemed to be confirmed by Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky in 2009, when she referred to Obamacare as a mere step toward single-payer, "This is not a principled fight".

The newspaper reported that one union activist, postal worker Mark Sarcone said of Merkley: "I think he's a potential vice president". Kirsten Gillibrand has signed on to co-sponsor the legislation. "We do. It's important though that that health care be patient-centered and not government-centered". Just previous year, Hillary Clinton dismissed single-payer as "a theoretical debate about some better idea that will never, ever come to pass".