Gas prices rise in Las Vegas


Gasoline prices in Meadville have fallen in the past week.

Nationally, the average price of gasoline was $2.67 a gallon, up five cents from seven days earlier, while Georgia's average of $2.75 was six cents higher during the same period, according to the auto club.

Knoxville- $2.59, up 0.4 cents per gallon from last week's $2.58.

On Monday, prices were at $2.79 per gallon, 10 cents lower than the state average, which went up almost 4 cents per gallon over the same span, according to GasBuddy's daily survey of 5,269 gas outlets in Pennsylvania.

Albany, meanwhile, has seen some impact, both from an influx of Floridians fleeing Irma and from local residents preparing for the impact of Irma as it worked its way through the region on Monday.

State of Tennessee- $2.59, up 2.9 cents per gallon from last week's $2.56. The cheapest Georgia metro area on the survey was Augusta at $2.655. In Maine, the average price also was $2.73 per gallon, up 1.6 cents from the previous week. That's 30.4 cents higher than a month ago and 48.1 cents higher than a year ago.

As the remnants of Hurricane Irma move out of Florida, work is underway to resupply the state with gasoline, the AAA said Monday. Still, the statewide average is up 2.4 cents from last week, 46.3 cents from last month and 63.7 cents from a year ago, the survey shows.

DeHaan said reduced demand should help alleviate pain at the pump.

Gas prices usually begin to go down around Labor Day, as the summer driving season comes to an end.

AAA says there was a drop in regional gas supplies last week, reflecting a tighter supply due to those refineries remaining offline after Hurricane Harvey.

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