Pennywise from Stephen King's IT Gets Terrifying New Funko Pop!


The report comes to us from /Film, who says producers Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg have already gotten to work on a sequel.

The other notable acting in the cast is from the very charismatic Sophia Lillis (37), who plays Ben's - and the other kids - first love Beverly Marsh. Everything the kids experienced was so believable and relatable.

After the movie is over, there is laughter from Pennywise the Clown heard. Thankfully, with advancements in CGI and an R-rating, Skarsgard is given a few more tools to play with.

"Tim Curry's performance was incredible". And that's not to take away from Skarsgard's fantastic performance.

Skarsgård concludes: "Certainly this movie's not going to help these poor professional clowns who are just trying to entertain kids", which is actually true, as reported by real life clowns. This performance reminds me of Heath Ledger taking up the Joker mantle after Jack Nicholson.

With early reviews being extremely positive, it seems like director Andy Muschietti - who has got horror previous with Mama - hasn't been clowning around.

Opening with the classic scene from the book and TV remake, young Georgie is trudging through the rain as he chases his paper boat downstream. In the past year, the town has been faced with numerous missing children, including Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott), the younger brother of one of the main characters, Bill (Jaeden Lieberher). "Without them, it never could have happened the way it did".

Meeting Pennywise in a field isn't our ideal of a good time.

Skarsgard told the magazine he put a ton of pressure on himself after landing the role, telling Us Weekly he feared he wouldn't be able to live up to the expectations of horror buffs. Though there are a few solid jump scares, and a few particularly bad images that may end up lingering in the memory, most of the scares onscreen are straight out of childhood. It has a lovable cast and one of the best horror villains and they all give unbelievable performances.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown is back and as terrifying as ever in "IT", the hotly anticipated big-screen adaptation of the best-selling Stephen King novel. But make no mistake, with the insane amount of money the adaptation is making, Chapter 2 is getting what it needs.