IPhone 8 May Reveal a Promotion for Siri


According to Computer World, the company will be announcing its new range of smartphones at the Steve Jobs Theatre at its Apple Park on September 12 and will ship its devices 10 days later.

The upcoming iPhones are expected to cost more than their predecessors.

Eventually, Apple iPhone 8 pre-orders is speculated to be taken by the company on Friday, Sept 15, following the global debut.

While other advanced features like 3D sensor camera components for facial recognition could also contribute to iPhone 8's expensive price tag, Kuo seems to be specifically concerned about Apple's dependency on Samsung for OLED screens.

We are all anxiously waiting for the release of iPhone 8, and have been following every bit of details we can grab on. Like clockwork, reports pop up each year about how there's going to be a limited supply of Apple's new smartphones, and they tend to be true to varying degrees. Apple normally employs more than one supplier for a specific component but for the iPhone 8's OLED screen, the tech giant has tapped Samsung, which is now the only supplier at hand. With the iPhone 7 out last year, the company's previous naming pattern dictates this year's would be the 7S.

When is iPhone 8 getting released? Wistron is said to have recently started assembling iPhone SE units at its plant in Karnataka, India.

This goes in line with the report from Mac4Ever from earlier this month. Report authors believe a number of factors will drive iPhone sales including nearly 1 million active iPhones in Australia will not receive the latest iOS 11 update made available in September 2017, leaving models older than the iPhone 5s unsupported. According to the website, the smartphone will be going on sales a week and a half after the launch, September 22. The new design which would be complete with the new iOS 11 will support Augmented Reality based apps.

In moving to the new OLED panels, Apple has tasked its long time frenemy to produce the displays.