Watch the trailer for Netflix's Lady Gaga documentary "Gaga: Five Foot Two"


Lady Gaga is gearing up to premiere her new documentary!

The trailer begins with Gaga walking down a quiet and empty stairwell before opening the door to a loud horde of cheering fans, a juxtaposition that mirrors what she tearfully said in one of the preview clips: "I'm alone...every night". Candid footage featured her receiving a painful looking injection as part of an unknown medical procedure and joking about her love of marijuana, saying, "Let's get stoned in grandma's car", before being shown smoking a blunt style weed cigar.

The doc chronicles the "Born This Way" singer's life over an eight-month period, during which Gaga "spends time with close friends and family members, records and releases her 2016 album Joanne, and deals with personal struggles", per the official release.

Named Gaga: Five Foot Two, it promises to "pull back the curtain to introduce the woman behind the performer", cutting swiftly between moments of intense joy and extreme pain.

The documentary, slated for September 22 release, will follow a year in Gaga's life, through her July 2016 breakup with since Taylor Kinney and road to the Super Bowl. The first clip shows Gaga submerged in water whilst she tearfully talks about going from being in front of huge crowds of people to being alone in total silence.