Ivanka Trump will be in Hyderabad to speak at entrepreneurship summit


In yet another horrifying public statement, Trump went off-script this week (surprise) when he was supposed to talk about taxes in North Dakota. "Everybody loves Ivanka Trump", Trump said mid-speech. I think he thinks Ivanka's sort of his prized possession and that everybody is going to be so blown away because she shows up, but nobody cares, " she said before mocking an Ivanka Trump reception by lawmakers.

"At the time she entered, the President had just sided with Democrats and agreed to support a deal that would ensure passage of disaster relief funding as well as raising the debt ceiling and continuing to fund the government into December, a senior GOP source told CNN's Dana Bash".

The US President addressed a raucous crowd during a tax reform event in North Dakota with his stunning daughter.

"Just wanted to come say 'hi, '" Ms Trump said as she stood in the doorway, according to a transcript of the interview.

President Trump appointed Ivanka as a White House adviser upon assumption to office and since then, he has involved her on many crucial undertakings such as sitting in for him at gatherings of G20 leaders and accompanying the President on many official adventures. "Ivanka trump can say what it requires on climate change, but she calmly stands to the side, remaining an accomplice to the destruction caused by the administration of her father", reads the petition.

Actor George Takei said that it'd be "wrong" to name Irma after Ivanka, because Ivanka is "weak, powerless & ineffective". "Come up, honey. Should I bring Ivanka up?" "We love this state, so it's always a pleasure to be back here".

However, Ivanka has previously described how she would "hide in a janitor's closet during recess" to ring her father during important meetings, where he would describe what a great daughter she was.

"The cringe is immeasurable", one person tweeted.