PM Modi presents special gifts to Myanmar President


"We have a long border with Myanmar (1643-kilometer-long) where we have security concerns, there are certain insurgents groups from India that find shelters across this border", Misri told ANI in an exclusive interview. "I have had the opportunity for discussions with both dignitaries during their visits to India in 2016". Wherever there are concerns, we highlight them.

India and Myanmar today agreed that terrorism remains one of the most significant threats to peace and stability in the region and the fight against the menace should also include strong measures against countries and entities who finance and provide sanctuary to terrorists.

Suu Kyi greets Modi in Myanmar. "'Act East" and "Neighbourhood First' Policy. So, this is going to be an important visit", he said. The Prime Minister had in the meantime visited every other neighbour - except the politically unstable Maldives - for bilateral meetings.

PM Modi's statement did not refer to Rohingya refugees but the BJP's national coalition in Delhi has already made it clear they were not welcome to India.

The UK has also called on the country to take action to stop the violence .

Appreciating India's development partnership with Myanmar in the areas of health, education and research, he said: "In this connection, the Myanmar Institute of Information Technology and Advanced Centre for Agricultural Research deserve special mention".

Prime Minister Modi further informed that he will also pay a visit to the famed heritage city of Bagan, where the "Archaeological Survey of India has done stellar work on renovating the Ananda Temple".

"Last year, unfortunately, there was an natural disaster in Myanmar which also hit Bagan and 400 historical structures were badly damaged and the Government of Myanmar, therefore, requested the Government of India to ask for the services of the ASI in restoring these historical structures".

■ The prime minister's visit to Myanmar comes amid a spike in ethnic violence against Rohingya Muslims in the Rakhine state.

The consensus was reached at the talks between Myanmar President Htin Kyaw and visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 5. PM Modi also assured the citizens of Myanmar that visas will be granted to all those who wish to visit India.