Putin on N. Korea crisis: Tensions 'balancing on brink of large-scale conflict'


Le Drian called on Pyongyang to "return to the path of negotiations" in a bid to ease tensions. Its leader, Kim Jong Un, said on Wednesday that the test could be a "curtain raiser" for more such tests in the Pacific. This could risk triggering a military retaliation from the United States if something goes wrong. More missile tests, more bomber flyovers and three angry armies facing each other across the world's most heavily armed border raises the possibility that a miscalculation could lead to real fighting.

Before Tuesday's launch, it appeared North Korea was backing away from its threat to fire missiles toward Guam. -South Korea military exercises focused mainly on computer simulations.

Her comments came as Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono told reporters yesterday that Japan and the United States would seek fresh sanctions to stop the North's missile and nuclear tests.

"'Diplomatic' can include economic sanctions, United Nations sanctions, it's not just talking".

It denounced the joint exercises in traditionally robust fashion.

Tuesday's launch comes days after the North fired what was assessed as three short-range ballistic missiles into the sea and a month after its second flight test of an intercontinental ballistic missile, which analysts say could reach deep into the U.S. mainland when perfected.

North Korea condemns the annual U.S. Pyongyang had also launched projectiles over Japan in 1998.

President Barack Obama rarely ordered immediate responses to North Korean missile tests, "partly because he believed it gave DPRK the attention they were seeking", said Frank Jannuzi, president and CEO of the Mansfield Foundation and a longtime federal analyst who was part of the team that negotiated the Agreed Framework with North Korea during the Clinton administration.

The problem here is that Washington won't be very interested in displaying the kind of "demeanor" that North Korea is likely to want.

Considering its range, the Hwasong-14 missiles could potentially reach the continental U.S.

However, China and Russian Federation have both urged calm from all sides and suggested that USA military drills in the region may be provoking North Korea.

United States defence secretary Jim Mattis has refuted claims that he disagrees with President Donald Trump on the best strategy to handle tensions with North Korea, saying his comments were "widely misinterpreted". "We will defend ourselves and our allies", he said.

Constant North Korean provocations do not seriously disturb Seoul-based foreigners like Matthew Crawford either. -South Korean war games.

He said the situation will be explosive when North Korea has the means to strike not only Japan and China but also the United States and even Europe.