Majority of Republicans confident that Trump can make good trade deals


"Do you think Donald Trump respects racial minorities?"

Only 15% of Republicans feel that way, while 68% say he is drawing the country together. Second, it is incumbent upon the GOP to work with the president to keep their promises to the people who elected them. In comparison, 30 percent said counterprotesters bore more responsibility, the same number who said either, both or neither carried more blame.

Just 34 percent of GOP supporters indicated that they approved of the way Trump conducts himself as president, with 46 percent indicating that they have mixed feelings. Meanwhile, 77 percent of Democrats and leaning Democrats say they do not agree with Trump on issues facing America. Among Democrats, 89% have a negative view of Trump's conduct.

Other recent polls have found many self-described Republican remain uncomfortable about Trump. Trump is far more popular and more influential with Republican primary voters than any members of Congress and any member of the United States Senate.

The poll was conducted over the telephone between August 27 and August 29.

Meanwhile, President Trump will begin his rally for simplifying the US tax code and lowering rates on Wednesday, stopping at a factory in Springfield, Missouri to discuss how tax relief could jumpstart the American economy.

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A poll by Fox News, a favourite channel with U.S. conservatives and the only one the real estate mogul is friendly with, found that more than half of respondents thought President Trump was "tearing the country apart" - 56 per cent, versus 36 percent who thought he was "drawing the country togethr". August was supposed to be the month when President Trump signed an enormous tax cut, just like Ronald Reagan did in 1981.

Trump's personality is mentioned quite often both positively and negatively.

The president's approval rating even dropped to a historic new low with 41 percent approving of his job performance compared to 55 percent disapproving.

Most Republican voters don't care much these days for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, making him now the most unpopular of the top congressional leaders. And despite all those hot takes about how Trump's penchant for controversy represents some kind of multidimensional chess game, the poll shows the damage continues to be done.

Whether he's calling Nazis "fine people", doubling down on nativism by pardoning a xenophobic ex-sheriff, taking a whack at transgender people for the amusement of his rubes or badly lying his way through yet another damning revelation about his Russian connections, Trump has been receiving unprecedented criticism from prominent Republicans.

Those who disapprove of Trump cite several concerns about him: 32% point to his personality, including his temperament; 25% mention his policies, particularly foreign policy and its impact on US standing in the world; and 19% fault his intelligence or competence. Trump's use of Twitter tops the list of concerns among people who approve of him at 17%.

Trump has not yet responded to the Fox News poll. At the same time, his disapproval has skyrocketed - rising more than 12 points since Inauguration Day. Trump tells supporters, "I think Congress is going to make a comeback". Majorities say they are not too or not at all confident in Trump's handling of these two issues. Even Orrin Hatch - a man with all the aggressiveness of a Keebler elf - has chastised Trump a time or two.

A new poll from NBC News shows Trump with an anemic 39 percent approval rating, while 59 percent of Americans disapprove of his performance.

Partisans divided on Trump's handling of Russian Federation.

Pollsters also found that 52 percent of all those surveyed agreed that the president is "not tough enough" in his dealings with Russian Federation.

Technically Trump is a Republican, but his allegiance within his own party is thin.