$800 Millennium Falcon soars as Lego's biggest set ever


USA Today reports that the long-awaited set is an updated version of the Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) Millennium Falcon. The one that became the largest set of all time in 2008 with a whopping 5,922 pieces?

If you can track down one of the new record-breaking Falcons before it flies off shelves, you'll be getting a box so large it apparently comes with wheels. But for fans of the recent film, you'll also get the older Han Solo, Rey, Finn, BB-8 and a couple buildable Porgs.

Rather than simply be the spaceship that features in the new movie, the set will feature a number of elements and characters from A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Force Awakens, although will come with the rectangle rather than circular satellite dish.

"Measures over 8" (21cm) high, 33" (84cm) long and 22" (56cm) wide.

All of this can be yours for the low, low price of $800.

Lego has revealed a new Millennium Falcon set for their Ultimate Collector's Series line. If you're wealthy enough to afford this and you've got space in your home for it, you can own it starting on October 1st, but LEGO VIP members can get it starting September 14th. It also comes 10 years after LEGO first released its Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon in 2007.

Or you could just put that $800 towards tickets for close to 100 of your pals to see "The Last Jedi" when it opens December 15. Notice how it's the same design again and again? (Watch out, there's also a mynock, known for chewing through starship power cables.) You can also adjust the ship to represent either the classic or newer version by swapping out a few pieces, including the sensor dish. As it turns out, they were right, and we now have out first look at the UCS Falcon-and it's awesome.