Alec Baldwin Returns as Trump on 'Weekend Update Summer Edition'


The faux Trump brought up Afghanistan as one of his accomplishments, saying last night he "solved Afghanistan" by sitting down with the military and asking hard questions like, "Which one is Afghanistan?" and "Is that blue thing an ocean?"

Appearing at the Phoenix rally, complete with sunglasses because of the eclipse, Baldwin's Trump explained, "It's never to early to campaign for 2020".

"There was a tragic victim that came out of Charlottesville: Me!" he tells the cheering crowd.

The sketch opened with Baldwin's Trump walking on stage wearing solar eclipse glasses en route to jokes about how he couldn't see because he had looked at Monday's eclipse without them.

He then mocked Trump's defensive posturing in the wake of media criticism of his comments on violence at the "Unite the Right" white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

Mr Baldwin's version of Trump didn't dwell on his media musings for almost as long, however.

Baldwin said, "I think Mueller is going to come up with an indictment Mueller is going to hand that indictment to the House Judiciary Committee". He quickly moved on to the war in Afghanistan ("Solved!") and his plan to shut down the government to secure funding for his border wall.

"What do we want?" Mr Baldwin's Trump crowded.

Steve Bannon - played by an actor dressed as the Grim Reaper - also made an appearance, openly bitter at his former boss. For instance, The President Show filmed a sketch in which Trump defiantly looks right into the eclipse and half-blinds himself... three weeks before the eclipse.

"Steve, we love you", the fake Mr Trump said.