Health department reports confirmed case of West Nile Virus in Lexington


The virus is spread to humans through bites from infected mosquitos. The ZIP Codes are 40204, 40205, 40206, 40208, 40212 and 40214.

Fiona Hunter, a medical entomologist who authored the paper - published in the open-access, peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE - with her graduate student Bryan Giordano, predicts the total number of mosquito pools carrying West Nile virus will double in the next six to eight weeks, to about 500. "What this means is people should take the appropriate precautions".

Drain or treat all standing water around your home.

It is West Nile virus season again in America, as hot summer weather creates the ideal breeding conditions for disease-carrying mosquitoes.

In 2015, there were three human cases in Louisville, but no deaths.

As of the week ending August 19, there were 14 confirmed or probable human cases in the province.

In most instances, people infected with West Nile show no or relatively mild symptoms including fever, headache, nausea, and swollen lymph glands.

People 50 years of age and older have a higher chance of getting sick and are more likely to develop serious illness when infected with WNV.

Mosquito tests positive for West Nile in Erie County
Human West Nile cases confirmed in Oconto and Fond du Lac Counties

Public health officials in several southern Ontario regions have already warned residents about the presence of the virus this summer alone.

The Culex species of mosquitoes are the primary carriers of West Nile virus.

In the spring, the department pre-treats potential mosquito breeding sites with larvicide to prevent hatch offs.

In addition, Mosquito Bits are highly effective as a "shock treatment" where immediate larval control is needed due to an extremely dense population of mosquito larvae. BTI is a naturally occurring bacterium that kills mosquito larvae before they can grow up to become flying, biting, disease-spreading adults. To avoid mosquito bites, wear clothes that reduce exposure or use insect repellent containing DEET, picaradin, oil of lemon eucalyptus or IR 3535. The Environmental Protection Agency has a search tool to help you choose the repellent that is right for you at tool.

Be sure to use insect repellent and wear long sleeves and trousers at these times or consider staying indoors during these hours.

The single best defense against WNV is bite prevention.

Make sure that doors and windows have tight-fitting screens. Use your air conditioning, if you have it.