Elon Musk shares first picture of SpaceX spacesuit


He said that the spacesuit has already been put to the test under double vacuum pressure.

Musk in his tweets has acknowledged that the suit itself is very white and very spacey. The latest image seems to show that Musk is staying true to his word.

"It looks svelte and tight", says TechCrunch, and is similar to "Boeing's new spacesuit" designed for commercial space travel. "Worth nothing that this actually works (not a mockup)". That suit looks a little more bulky and certainly isn't as stylish as the SpaceX design.

But whenever SpaceX does end up taking people into space, it's clear that Musk is keen for them to look good while they're doing it. In order to achieve that hard goal, SpaceX ultimately hired a famed costume designer from the film industry, Jose Fernandez of Ironhead Studios. NASA is also working on its own advanced spacesuit design for the Orion program, which will take astronauts to deep-space destinations beyond Earth orbit.

While Musk has promised to reveal more photos of the suit, we'd rather spend time guessing who's modelling it here.

Boeing and SpaceX have each been developing a crew-worthy spacecraft for years. These sci-fi-looking rigs are meant to be worn as astronauts ride to and from the International Space Station in SpaceX's Dragon Capsule.

Musk, who is also the co-founder and CEO of electric auto brand Tesla, accompanied the image with a caption explaining the suit was a working prototype and not just a mock-up. "Undergoing ocean landing mobility/safety tests".