Bethesda announces release dates for Fallout, Doom, and Skyrim VR


Arguably still the most recognized name in virtual reality, it would make sense to release such big games on all of the main VR platforms.

Notably, "Fallout 4" is only heading to the PC-powered HTC Vive headset; the game is also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but won't be playable in VR on either platform. Bethesda had little to say about Oculus Rift support, likely due to the ongoing legal troubles between Oculus and Bethesda's parent company, ZeniMax. You can pre-purchase the game now through the PlayStation Store for $59.

Doom VFR-you know what that stands for-launches second on the 1st December for both PSVR and HTC Vive.

Bethesda has announced today that Skyrim VR will launch on the Playstation Network on the 17th of November. All three games are from publisher Bethesda Softworks; the release dates were announced via blog post on Tuesday. Last but not least the first hands-on sessions for Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, a new standalone DLC, will be available during the show. Doom VFR, on the other hand, appears to be a slimmed-down version of the Doom 2016 reboot-and is priced accordingly at $30. It's going to be available starting on December 1 for the PlayStation VR or PSVR and HTC Vive.

Of course, Quake Champions will be a major feature of QuakeCon as the Quake world championships take place, and are streamed live on Twitch and Facebook. Pay now, or wait for the free version, and be pestered about microtransactions either way?