Andromeda: No More Single-Player Updates or Content Planned


"Mass Effect: Andromeda" will not get any single-player story content or DLC, BioWare has confirmed, saying it will continue the story via comics and novels.

There's been another twist in the tale of Mass Effect: Andromeda's rocky development, with the dev team explaining there'll be no more singe-player updates or story content. In that regard, he announced that the multiplayer team will provide details on support for this feature in the coming weeks.

The studio also commented that the game was created to expand the Pathfinder's journey through this new galaxy with APEX multiplayer missions.

After months of silence, BioWare has now confirmed the report. People state that this news does not come as a surprise and considers that there is not much to be done for the repetitive, shallow quests and the inconsistent writing. There are no more Mass Effect game stories in the works and the title set to relaunch the Mass Effect series on current-gen consoles with new characters and a new setting, failed. Mass Effect: Andromeda won't be receiving any future single player content or story related DLC in the future. Every time investors, gamers or journalists would pepper EA about questions regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda, they avoided talking about it.

"Since the release of 'Mass Effect: Andromeda, ' we've worked hard to address feedback from our community". Later updates, like the one in early July, added more content to the multiplayer experience, although the campaign didn't receive new stories or missions at all.

"Mass Effect 3" brought the epic conclusion of the trilogy with more than a dozen DLCs in the single-player mode. Daddy Mass Effect Casey Hudson (Casey Hudson) wrote on Twitter that too loves his child to not want to return to it in the future. Fans of the franchise who waited for the game since 2013 were hoping that there would be some saving grace in the form of a high-quality expansion.