Marvel's The Defenders Episode 1: The H Word Review


The Defenders have just added eight Netflix-episodes worth of content to the over arching Marvel Cinematic Universe, adding about seven hours worth of expansion to the world. It's also rare to get the scripts in advance, so we're very lucky to have the time to plan character development.

Bernthal spoke about taking on one of Marvel's most iconic characters in an interview with Complex past year.

From episode three onwards, The Defenders is much faster and moves through the plot much better.

For the new series, the nemesis is Sigourney Weaver, playing the obscenely rich CEO of a shadowy corporation, and a generous benefactor to the arts, named Alexandra. It isn't until late in episode two that any of the quartet run into one another, and it'll be later still before they get together as a group. Here, we see Foggy (Elden Henson) and Karen (Deborah Ann Woll), Matt's estranged BFFs, looking equal parts confused, annoyed and ready to take legal action. They are well woven, and this is the primary reason I'm fine with THE DEFENDERS taking a while to bring its leads together. Some of the grunt work of those deals is handled by young men in Harlem, which puts Luke Cage into the path of the Iron Fist. The intro scene of Iron Fist (first mistake) fighting in a dark, grimy sewer serves no objective in the story except to get Iron Fist back into NY, followed by two entire episodes of filler as the four threads of each main character slowly overlap. Will fans see their "Daughters of the Dragon" dreams come true?

There's a sharp contrast between Iron Fist and Jessica Jones. Weaver, who usually raises the temperature of any waters simply by dipping a toe in them, struggles mightily here; the show puts her in a series of bad costumes and saddles her with uninspiring dialogue, which she delivers with the perfunctory air it deserves.

So, we finally get to know a lot more about Alexandria and the fact that she's lived for a long time - long enough to have called Istanbul "Constantinople".

Maybe more than ever. Krysten Ritter is probably the most recognizable star, and not simply because she played one of the leading actresses in a sitcom right before becoming Jessica Jones. Here, she and Jessica seem to be discussing something important. a new case, perhaps?

So too is her relationship with the Elektra, who, predictably, has been retrieved and revived by the Hand after her death in Daredevil season two.