Corker Opens Up on Trump's Shortcomings, Sees Need for "Radical Changes"


If or when Bob Mueller announces that the Trump regime is a crime scene (one Republican congressman says privately, "I hate to say it, but some of us would really like Mueller to find something we can use"); and if Democrats win back the House and launch impeachment proceedings, would Corker and his Republican colleagues vote to fire the defiler of the values that make us great? During comments to local reporters after a speech to the Chattanooga Rotary Club, Corker called for "radical changes" in how the Trump White House operates.

Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, also said Trump "recently has not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation".

The reluctance of GOP leaders to confront Trump directly is the latest sign they remain unwilling to challenge even the president's most controversial remarks and comes despite growing concern among Republicans that their party's brand could suffer permanent damage from the backlash. Trump attacked two other Republican senators -- Lindsey Graham of SC and Jeff Flake of Arizona -- on Twitter on Thursday morning over their criticisms of him. He has got to demonstrate the characteristics of a president who understands that.

Thursday, the Senator said the President needs to make "radical changes", but his phone ringing Friday during this interview symbolized reaction to what he said.

"The president has no experience in governing and just doesn't understand how it all works", Burden said.

"I would ask he take stock of who he is, as president of all the people in our nation, and that he condemn those things that are separating us", Corker said, adding that he disagreed with the president's stance on Confederate statues. Tim Scott, R-SC, told Vice News on Thursday that Trump had comprised his "moral authority". Should they really refuse to consider the president's broadly conservative nominees? Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake, over Twitter.

Lankford says, "Any time he steps up and tries to equate two groups or two conversations, I think that muddies the water".

At this point, though, it's apparently a very good thing that Corker is not a member of Team Trump.

Mr. Ryan has spent the August recess dutifully promoting proposed changes in tax policy - a boon to a president who has demonstrated little appetite for selling specifics to the public himself.

But it would be in the best interests of the nation-and, more important for him, in the best interests of the party and of repairing his relationships with fellow Republicans-if he sounded more like the president of a diverse nation than a tepid politician trying desperately not to alienate a portion of his base that doesn't deserve a home in either major political party.

Heye agreed, but says the Trump now attacking members of his party from the White House is the same Trump voters elected in November. "One of the biggest risks for Trump is that Mueller comes out with a damning report and the president has already lost the goodwill of too many members of Congress". That appeared to be a reference to a temporary travel ban Trump sought to impose on visitors to the US from six mostly Muslim countries.

In Alabama's Senate race, Trump's interests seemed to align with Senate leaders when he tweeted an endorsement and recorded a robocall for Sen.