Mewtwo is coming to Pokémon GO, and it's bringing a few friends


More than nearly any other Pokemon GO-related term that I'm aware of - and I've been watching the numbers since day 1. Players will soon have the opportunity to catch Mewtwo, but doing so won't be quite as simple as with previous Legendaries.

Now, however, the four Legendaries that players have come to know will be making their way back to the game until #August 31.

Exclusive Raids are due to start any day now and players are currently out trying to take down Battle Raids in all of the most popular gyms in their town or city.

Pokemon GO trainers have said this week that they're super mad!

After three weeks of insane hype where everyone tried to capture legendary birds as quickly as possible, it turns out that we needn't have hastened as much as we did to ensure we collected all three elemental birds plus Lugia before they disappeared for good.

Inaccurate raid times, the whole Pokemon GO Fest debacle, all on top of the usual buggy or awkward game performance. However, Mewtwo will only be available through Exclusive #Raid Battles. Right now, it is only possible to capture MewTwo if you are participating in an event at Pokémon GO Stadium in Yokohama, Japan. These exclusive raid battles work as follows. This game is literally free - one needn't spend a single dime in this game to play.

But how does one get invited to such Raid? Such invites will indicate the details of the event. The other thing that's risen sharply in the last 24 hours is Mewtwo-related complaints from Pokemon GO users that do not live in Japan - where this Pokemon is (thus far) exclusive. Basically, a player will get a successful catch if the RNG is within a certain range, which is expanded based on the number of bonuses a player has.