Sonic Mania: How Many Zones Are There?


The news was shared by the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter feed, taking to the social network to share exactly how well Sonic Mania has been received.

The majority of games were released or unveiled at the E3 2017. Sonic Mania was developed by Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, and PagodaWest Games in collaboration with Sonic Team. "Still, it's the gimmick and the love together that turned "& Knuckles" into a meme among fans, and now it's become a playable mode in the franchise's newest game. However, if the PC launch matches those on home consoles, then it's likely that the game will end up in a strong position for the foreseeable future.

Except for one, it seems.

Sonic Mania is out today, and according to our reviewer, it's a pretty good game if you're a longtime fan of the series. For example, if you hold B and Y on the Switch, or X and Square on the Playstation 4, at the title screen, you can access a level select and a debug menu. The users have complained that the button jamming causes them to press it repetitively. The Nintendo Switch console faces similar issues with other games as well.

Now that the game's out across all platforms, some late adopters who didn't pick up the collector's edition are still trying to snap them up while others are looking to buy just the vanilla game.

Sonic Mania is finally out on PS4, Xbox One and Switch. I'm glad that Sonic Mania is living up to my childhood expectations.

It's a lot of fun to just mess around with, but we would naturally recommend you play through the game normally to keep everything excellent a surprise for yourself.