Rare white moose caught on camera


"It was only five meters away from me" Mr Nilsson told SVT, Sveriges' television channel.

A man hiking in Sweden on Friday night captured the above video of a rare white moose, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

He whipped out a camera and shot video of the moose, well, being a moose.

Nilsson describes himself as a "nature lover".

There are more than 400,000 of the more common breed of moose in Sweden, according to The Independent. Over the weekend, video of a white moose found in Sweden caught fire around the internet. Some of them have albinism, in which the body doesn't produce a lot of melanin pigment. It grows white fur due to an uncommon genetic mutation. But apparently hunters choose not to shoot white moose, which could be causing a sort-of selective effect here. "They [hunters] choose to select for traits that otherwise wouldn't have occurred".

It shows the white moose crossing a stream and then coming out of the water to eat some greenery nearby.