Lexington mayor accelerates push to transplant Confederate statues after Charlottesville violence


White supremacists gathered in Charlottesville this weekend to protest the city's relocation of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Pugh says her office is "looking at all four of them".

"I am taking action to relocate the Confederate statues".

Maryland's speaker of the House is calling for the removal of a Confederate statue of the Supreme Court justice who wrote a decision upholding slavery that sits on the front law of the statehouse. On Sunday, the Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott‏ took to twitter to announce his intentions to introduce a final draft of a resolution that would remove these monuments. "Baltimore has had more than enough time to think on the issue it's time to act".

After more than a year of feet-dragging, Baltimore officials said Monday (Aug. 14) that they're beginning the process of removing Confederate monuments from the city, The (Baltimore) Sun reported.

Gray was on CNN to discuss his Saturday announcement that he would move two Confederate statues from the lawn of the former Fayette County courthouse on Main Street to a war memorial area in Veterans Park.

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray criticized President Donald Trump on national television Monday morning for failing to condemn white supremacists for violent rallies in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend. "Tuesday I will ask [the] Council to support Lexington's petition to the KY Military Heritage Commission, a required next step". We hope other cities follow Lexington's example.

For Blackmon, if America ever wants to come to terms with the role white supremacy has played in its birth, the nation needs to "acknowledge [it] at every single level of government and social life".