Video footage of Conor McGregor beating up and knocking down Paulie Malignaggi


McGregor and Mayweather face off in Las Vegas on August 26 when UFC meets boxing.

Fight preparation is now in full swing as he held his open media workout and promised he'd knock Floyd Mayweather out in "2 rounds". Head coaches Owen Roddy and John Kavanagh advise McGregor on boxing technique and training, and he flies in longtime movement coach Ido Portal to develop proper movements in the boxing ring. The pay-per-view will be unbelievable and we'll have a sold-out crowd. I'll meet him maybe after the fight! "But yeah, look, MMA's my love, MMA's my passion, I want to see him back in the UFC before the year's over".

What do you make of Conor McGregor's remarks?

"On paper we know he's taller and has a long reach". He said that they will be flexible and adaptable because they're customer-service orientated. Tell me how his temple looked. And even more tickets can be had on the secondary market. The UFC champion wanted Malignaggi to "answer" for some of his past comments, regarding McGregor's slim chances of success in a boxing ring. "Whether you was orthodox or southpaw, I was undefeated against you. It's not about what goes on in the camp, it's about what goes on when the lights shine on you". We don't think he can go past four rounds. Opening this up to a housewife in Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, someone who wouldn't normally have access to our fight?

Ellerbe was hot under the collar for sure, and not just because someone turned off the air conditioning at Mayweather's gym. The gate appears just fine.

"He's looking forward to ending the fight early, I'm looking forward to ending the fight early - it won't go the distance", said Mayweather.

What was released are short clips which are flattering to McGregor, who is making his boxing pro debut, and not so much so to Malignaggi, who retired after being knocked out by unheralded British fighter Sam Eggington in March of this year. "This is an event". I don't care. I hit you, you fall, and that's it. "I can say that after the fight is over on August 26, everyone is going to be happy". "Nothing", McGregor scoffed when asked about the statement.