Trump to make day trip to Washington during his vacation: White House


President Trump may in New Jersey for a 17-day vacation, but the White House has been humming with activity in his absence as it undergoes a series of renovations.

Workmen prepared new carpeting for the West Wing.

Officials did not say why the president would be making the trip to the White House, where the Oval Office is undergoing routine renovations.

A Secret Service agent unlocked a service entrance to the Oval Office.

Outgoing Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave reporters a tour of the White House on Friday, showing some of the around-the-clock fix work.

New granite curb is installed on the ground of the White House in front of the West Wing.

Other recurring problems include leaks in the ceiling and a chronic house fly infestation, according to CNN.

Trump plans to remain on his working vacation until later this month, when he returns to the White House and prepares for a crucial September that is stacked with deadlines and legislative priorities.

A major refurbishment is under way in the White House, ordered by US President Donald Trump while he takes an extended holiday.

Politico, which first reported the story, said Trump's updated schedule showed him returning to NY on Monday, before heading to New Jersey on Wednesday to finish out the final days of his working vacation. It is unclear if he will visit the White House on his quick trip.