Strong But Deep Earthquake Shakes Manila, Northern Philippines


The quake lasted for several seconds and was felt in the Philippine Daily Inquirer building in Makati.

Office workers and students in the capital briefly evacuated their buildings after feeling the swaying and shaking, but no damage was reported.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES-A strong but deep natural disaster struck the northern Philippines early Friday afternoon but caused no apparent damage.

A rescue official at the town closest to the epicentre also reported no damage or casualties.

A 6.2 magnitude natural disaster, which was initially measured at 6.6, hit the Philippines' northern island of Luzon on Friday, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) said.

The authorities said they were checking whether the quake had caused any damage.

The tremor shook buildings and forced the evacuation of offices and schools throughout Metro Manila.

ABS-CBN television also showed photos of students stood outside schools.

'It wasn't really that strong.

The earthquake's epicenter is located about 120 kilometers south of the capital.

Court employees gather in front of their building after an quake hit Manila on August 11, 2017.

The US Geological Survey measured it at 6.2 magnitude.

The Philippines sits on the highly seismically active zone "Pacific Ring of Fire" where many continental plates on the earth's crust keep colliding.