Venezuela: Hunt for 'mercenaries' in rebellion against Maduro


The representative of the host country, Ricardo Luna, vehemently condemned: "What we have in Venezuela is a dictatorship".

TRT World's Sara Firth has this report.

Peru's president has been vocal in rejecting the new Venezuelan assembly, but the region has had trouble agreeing on collective actions.

Earlier on Tuesday, Kuczynski said Venezuela was "on its last leg economically".

Meanwhile, foreign ministers from 14 countries met in Peru in hopes of finding a regional response to Venezuela's political crisis.

Foreign ministers from 17 Western Hemisphere nations are condemning Venezuela's new constitutional assembly, saying their governments will refuse to recognize the all-powerful body.

If there's one thing that the Venezuelan political situation didn't need, it was Diego Armando Maradona barging into the conversation.

Keeping with his established political views, Maradona has come out in full support of President Nicolás Maduro with a post on his official Facebook page.

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza (C), former Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca (centre, L) and Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez (centre, R) attend ALBA-TCP alliance meeting in Caracas, August 8, 2017.

Venezuelan security forces have wielded excessive force to suppress protests, killing dozens, and have arbitrarily detained 5,000 people since April, including 1,000 still in custody, the United Nations human rights office said on Tuesday.

Despite the strong arm tactics by the Maduro government, the opposition called for another nationwide protest Tuesday.

The Secretary-General and other top United Nations officials have been calling for calm in Venezuela since late July when, according to media reports, clashes erupted between security forces and protestors opposing the Constituent Assembly elections.

Venezuela's new constitutional assembly has passed a decree declaring itself superior to all other branches of government.

The Constituent Assembly is expected to announce new decisions to bring "justice" to the country during its session Tuesday.

The Trump administration is preparing sanctions against another group of Venezuelan officials linked to President Nicolas Maduro in response to his creation of a new legislative super body in defiance of world condemnation, U.S. officials said on Monday. "We are looking for ways to coexist".

The opposition to President Nicolas Maduro also faced another fight Wednesday before the government-stacked Supreme Court, which scheduled a hearing on charges against a Caracas-area opposition mayor.

In addition to ordering the immediate arrest of Ramon Muchacho of Chacao, a wealthy district that has been the epicenter of four months of protests, the court said he had been fired. Four months of street violence have left almost 130 dead.