The Last Jedi' Pics Reveal New Characters!


It's amusing how those little concepts, which would normally be in all the marketing materials, are closely guarded secrets when Star Wars is involved.

But that may prove hard for Luke, who is convinced that the Jedi must end, as he said in the first trailer.

Writer-director Rian Johnson said that in designing the new villains, he wanted them to seem "more like samurai" than Imperial guards have appeared to be in the past.

Here's all you need to know about the cuddly creatures that are about to invade your dreams: The porg are a species of birdlike alien that lives on Ahch-To, which is the nigh-unpronounceable name of the planet Luke is on at the end of Force Awakens.

Yes, this is a new Star Wars that challenges much of what we knew to be the galaxy, far, far away and its twists do not stop at the light saber battle.

Rey actor Daisy Ridley told Entertainment Weekly in an interview published Wednesday that Luke brushes Rey off at first at the beginning of The Last Jedi. Could Rey, in fact, be Luke Skywalker's daughter? Lucasfilm has now revealed that the porgs aren't the only inhabitants of the mysterious and ancient island. "If you go to Skellig at the right time of year, it's just covered in puffins, and they're the most adorable things in the world", he told EW. "And so the Porgs are in that realm".

The other race that now lives on the island is a race of aliens called the caretakers.

"They're kind of these sort of fish-bird type aliens who live on the island". "Neal Scanlan's crew designed them, and costume designer Michael Kaplan made these working clothes that also reflected sort of a nun-like, spartan sort of existence".

What's most interesting about their design is how they're clearly not meant to be just ornamental. General Leia has always been a very important character and we feel she'll be even more so in The Last Jedi. But don't expect the film to go in-depth on why those paintings are there or give a critical look into the history of the galactic religion. "It's one of those performances where after every line, I'd look over at whoever's standing next to me with an expression on my face like, 'Oh my God, we just got that'". Let's dive into these, shall we?

The latest Star Wars saga movie will usher in a new range of LEGO sets ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi this December.