Sack bank staff who don't learn Kannada in 6 months: KDA


"Also the annual reports of the banks must come in three languages keeping Kannada as the main language and they must be circulated among customers", it said.

KDA Chairman's letter states "Banks have to follow the three-language policy according to the Reserve Bank of India".

However, now the group has demanded that not just at clerical level but also senior posts in the bank which is mostly occupied by staff from other states - should also learn Kannada. "Banks have to take proper measures to ensure that their employees learn Kannada immediately", Siddaramaiah said. "We cannot ignore the fact that not paying due respect to the local language can lead to conflicts in future", he said, adding that all advertisements used in the banks should be printed in three languages, keeping Kannada as the main language. "Despite rules that all bank facilities should be available to the public in Kannada all kinds of forms specimens should be in Kannada; official activities are not being transacted in Kannada", it said. If they do not, they have to learn the language within six months.

"The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection clarifies in the application form (for jobs in banking sector) that preference should be given to candidates who can speak local languages". The KDA will conduct regular visits to supervise the progress. "Protecting Kannada land and Kannada people is our responsibility", he had said. It's essential for Grameena banks to follow the rule became they cater to the rural population.

I don't know Kannada. My wife is also a bank employee, and she knows Kannada. However, we still don't know if they are going to arrange for classes or if we have to learn it ourselves. I should be able to pick up the basics with her help.