Les Twins Named Winners of WORLD OF DANCE


The final three acts in World of Dance's inaugural season came together Tuesday to battle it out in the "World Final", a grueling challenge that ended with one act walking (er, dancing?) away $1 million richer. Each of the acts performed two dances during the "World Final" episode and the scores were averaged together to determine the victor of the season. Their final dance scored 94.7. "We're going to lock in our scores for the last time", said judge Jennifer Lopez at the end of Les Twins' performance. Each judge mentored a division in this last round.

What did you think of the "World of Dance" finale? They score a 93.

Swing Latino, who dominated the Team Division, worked their butts off with their unique sparkles and gravity defiance, but ultimately it placed them in third. She matured greatly through the competition and tapped something inside herself to become an artist.

Les Twins had received an average score of 93 for their first routine.

Ne-Yo recognized a "ferocious" beast in Eva when she performs and said she rocked it as the only soloist in the competition. Why, with 96.3 points, of course.

The hip-hop duo nailed their performances each week, making them frontrunners early on.

Swing Latino was up next with their second routine of the night.

From Eva Igo's stunning contemporary routines, to Les Twins' creative hip hop performances and Swing Latino's energetic salsa routines, only one dancer could come out on top and Les Twins was announced the victor!