Leaked PS4 5.0 Update Patch Notes Reveal What's Next For The Console


The Playstation 4 5.0 update to the console's firmware is nearly upon us, and Playstation has said that there are going to be a number of improvements such as allowing streaming on Twitch at 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second, interface improvements, and more to improve the content sharing experience for gamers. Accounts belonging to other PS4s can be sent to these adult accounts so that everyone is collected under the same family account, if desired.

Furthermore, the PS4's update 5.0 will offer additional changes that include an overhaul of the hardware's master and sub account systems, the ability to follow any user, as well as the addition of notifications to the console's quick menu.

As of 5.0, you will be able to follow anyone's account, similar to the system on Xbox One.

Next is the changes to following user accounts, which is now limited to only official or developer accounts. Sony is changing things around in order to "encourage more sharing of content and more interactions", said Eurogamer.

For starters, the update will allow 5.0 users to stream to Twitch at a higher resolution.

Sony is also introducing a new web application to manage family accounts via PC and smartphone. Not to mention, one can decide if they only want existing friends or anybody to follow them, and they will also have the added feature of being able to block users too.

New family accounts will be able to feature multiple adult accounts in a family, able to act in a parent/guardian role and set parental controls on a per-account basis, so each child has different communications, content-viewing and spending limit privileges.

No word yet on when the new firmware update will drop, but it's expected to be sometime soon, alongside a new version of the PlayStation mobile App with an improved design. Uploads and downloads status can also be checked here.

Other changes include event push notifications, VR mode broadcasting will allow spectator comments on screen, broadcasts can be linked to the PlayStation Community, and support for bundle and compilation discs and more.