Gearbox reveals its new FPS/card game hybrid, Project 1v1


The developer recently announced that they are now working on a new first-person shooter, which is tentatively titled Project 1v1.

Project 1v1 is the code name for Gearbox's top-secret, in-development, competitive first-person shooter that combines the action of fast-paced 1v1 first-person combat with the metagame strategy of a collectible card game.

The closed technical test will feature three modes, Ranked, Challenge and Arena, all of which are pretty self-explanatory. Anyone interested in testing this upcoming game can sign up via the Shift website here.

Gearbox is certainly thinking outside the box with Project 1v1.

According to reports, the developers are looking for a limited number of players to test out the game's online infrastructure and get an idea of what the Gearbox fans feel about the project after trying it out, lest it ends up going down the same path as Battleborn. Ranked mode, meanwhile, will match players with an opponent based on their player rating. Because the servers are based in North America, Gearbox warns that global players may experience decreased performance.

Project 1v1 will see a closed technical test in the coming months. Arena allows people to queue up and attempt to take on the current Arena champion in order to take their place.

The official website is pretty bare bones right now and doesn't offer much in terms of details about the new game.