Facebook kills off its teen-focused Snapchat clone Lifestage, and Groups


Lifestage, a dedicated social network for high schoolers, probably didn't live up to Facebook's expectation.

The app was created by 20-year-old Facebook product manager Michael Sayman to allow high schoolers to share their profiles by posting video.

While the app had never garnered much of a following, it wasn't until Business Insider reported its closure that others caught on.

Facebook has pulled the plug on its teen-focused Lifestage app - that was meant to work as a direct rival to Snapchat - nearly a year after its launch.

"There was no way to actually enforce the 21-and-under rule and all Lifestage content was always public and viewable by everyone, inside and outside your school", said the report. Additionally, Lifestage was last updated in October 2016, so clearly the writing has been on the wall for this experiment for a while.

Lifestage allowed users to search for their local high school and discover classmates, then chat with each other primarily through photos or videos, hence why it's been most often compared with Snapchat.

The company did get some helpful feedback from launching the app, the spokesperson said, that is being used to improve visual and camera features on Facebook.

One reason for Facebook giving up on Lifestage is that it no longer needs it to rival Snapchat.

It's not only Lifestage that received the axe. However, you will be able to access all your groups in the Facebook's main app. The app paved the way for the Snapchat-like features we now see in the main Facebook app and Instagram. All of your groups from this app will be available in the main Facebook app, where you can continue to connect with all your communities.

The app itself has already been removed from the App Store, and will stop functioning for existing users on September 1st, Facebook says.

Groups, I'd argue, ultimately failed because it didn't address the problem with using Groups on Facebook at all. Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!