Enormous Donald Trump 'chicken' inflated near White House during protest


Images of a chicken with a Trump-like coiffure spread on social media and then to news outlets across the nation.

This man claimed responsibility for today's chicken display.

Tourists visiting the nation's capital on Wednesday were treated to a freaky sight when a giant inflatable "Trump" chicken was deployed near the White House. Since the statue's unveiling a year ago, smaller copies have appeared across the United States. The chicken was apparently placed there by protesters still hoping to somehow shame the president into following White House precedent and releasing his tax returns.

Danelle Morton, a veteran journalist and first-time organizer, is responsible for the chickens.

People look at the "Trump Chicken" in Washington, DC on April 14, 2017 ahead of the "Tax March".

Tax Day March events this year have featured the chicken during protests of Trump's decision to not release his tax information. The "chicken" is touring the area to promote the march which aims to pressure US President Donald Trump into releasing his tax records.

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