Ellison: Trump's failure to mark Minnesota mosque bombing an 'outrage'


No-one was injured in the blast, which heavily damaged the imam's office and shattered windows.

"We've had a series of crimes committed, alleged hate crimes, by right wing individuals in the last six months that turned out to actually have been propagated by the left", he said.

Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton visited the mosque on Sunday and called the bombing a "wretched" terrorist act. Waiting for an investigation to be complete has not been something Trump has done when the perpetrators have been Muslim.

He went on to suggest that the attack could have been a "fake" hate crime.

Trump's rhetoric in response to suspected terrorism has been so profoundly irresponsible that the Associated Press published a fact-checking piece in June that said the president "can't be counted on to give accurate information to Americans when violent acts are unfolding overseas".

A blustery Gorka expanded on what Trump said by using colorful language of his own.

After CBN anchor David Brody played a clip from 1999 showing President Donald Trump sounding the alarm on North Korea, Gorka praised Trump for his foresight and said during the Wednesday interview that "the president saw the price of appeasement which happened afterwards during the Clinton administration and then during the Obama administration, and today we are paying the price of that appeasement of Pyongyang".

'So let's wait and see and allow local authorities to provide their assessment.

And as Ruhle says, "You don't have to make a statement about who did it but you can make a statement denouncing how bad it is to attack a building of worship".

The president has a history of tweeting responses to attacks worldwide - with certain exceptions.

But those all fit the narrative of terrorism = Muslim/Islamist (do we think Trump knows the difference?), preferably in a majority-white country, perpetrated against white Christians.

Muslim leaders have condemned a White House official who said that a suspected terror attack on a Minnesota mosque may have been a false flag attack carried out by leftists.

Gorka is correct that there have been incidents of hate crimes in recent months that were made to look like they were perpetrated by someone other than the actual perpetrator. Indeed, the local police in the Philippines denied the terrorism claim, insisting the mass shooting had been tied to a casino robbery. "What prevents the president from expressing sympathy for members of the house of worship that was attacked?" he told Buzzfeed News.

He was also silent for days after two good Samaritans were killed defending women from a man who was harassing them because they appeared Muslim. John McCain, condemning Trump's "reckless" and "bombastic comments" as unhelpful.

The mosque does not have outside security cameras, which might have proved helpful in the investigation.