Documents show ex-Attorney General Lynch used "Elizabeth Carlisle" as email alias


In a series of tweets on Tuesday, the president went after the Post and the Times for allegedly failing to seriously cover former President Bill Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch's meeting previous year on an airport tarmac during the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's email practices.

Emails obtained by the American Center for Law and Justice show that reporters at the New York Times and the Washington Post told the Department of Justice's director of public affairs at the time, Melanie Newman, that while they were writing stories on the controversy, their editors were making them do it.

The documents revealed that reporters were reluctant to cover the the meeting, and also that Lynch used an alias for official DOJ emails, including those related to the meeting.

ACLJ also alleged that Zapotosky changed his story in ways that the DOJ requested and that portrayed Lynch in a "more favorable light". At the Department of Justice, went as high as the attorney general.

After all the Federal Bureau of Investigation, under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice, was actively investigating Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information at the time. "At the FBI, at least to the chief of staff to [then-FBI Director] James Comey", Sekulow said.

Lynch has denied any serious wrongdoing in the 30-minute meeting with former President Clinton, and says they discussed grandchildren and other matters. Further, he claimed, the White House press secretary's office threw "the whole thing back to the Department of Justice, saying they aren't aware of anything".

Lynch used the alias to help craft responses to media requests about the meeting, the documents show. "[Chuck] Grassley's Judiciary Committee, that are investigating the Loretta Lynch investigation and the session on the tarmac", said Sekulow.

"Then we're going to take all this information and hand it over in a chronology to the Senate Judiciary Committee, who's conducting the investigation", he said.