Cardale Jones responds to Josh Rosen: "Chill bro, play school"


Rosen received mixed reactions when he said football and academics don't mix in an interview he did with Bleacher Report. You have a bunch of people at the universities who are supposed to help you out, and they're more interested in helping you stay eligible. He explained that "t$3 rying to do both is like trying to do two full-time jobs".

Mora, who is entering his sixth season as UCLA's head coach, joined "The Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday and spent much of the time discussing Rosen's comments.

"He's not a spokesperson for college football players", Cutcliffe said. There are guys who have no business being in school, but they're here because this is the path to the NFL. "Then there's the side that says raise the SAT eligibility requirements". "And it's up to each individual student to play the best football they can, and to walk out of that college with a degree". I want to be great. Last season there were reports that indicated NFL teams were concerned about Rosen's character (one AFC executive called him a mess off the field) and love for the game of football. But football really dents my ability to take some classes that I need. You lose athletes and then the product on the field suffers.

As usual, football won. Getting into schools like, say, Stanford is harder than most, whether you're a bookworm or a bookend tackle. Though Rosen was making those remarks in the context of scheduling and class requirements, he took a swipe at Alabama's SAT scores and drew unwanted headlines with his comments.

"I think it's unfortunate that any player doesn't realize the megaphone that they have..." I want to create my own business.

"I think we do it as well as anybody and we do it at a high level", Shaw said.

The quarterback was then asked how it was possible players like former Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson, were able to graduate college in three years.

"Not just professional sports, but ready for life". Mora said he had an honest discussion with Rosen after the interview was published, but at the same time, he tried to downplay the controversy about his star quarterback's remarks.

"My job as an educator - as a coach at UCLA - is to help these young men understand how to move through life in a positive, respectful way, where the reflections people have of them are going to be positive". He missed half of last season with an injury, struggled with a porous offensive line in front of him and has spent the offseason seeing plenty of criticism of both his development and now his willingness to speak out on topics others would pass on.

"I'm not knocking what those guys accomplished", Rosen said.