Why doesn't Rahul take SPG cover in his foreign trips?, wonders Rajnath


Hitting out at Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge for stating that Rahul Gandhi could have been killed in the recent attack on his convoy in Gujarat, Home Minister Rajnath Singh accused the Congress vice-president of not following security protocol.

The House was disrupted and finally adjourned for the day after the Congress raised the issue of attack on Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat on August 4. It comes days after party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi's vehicle was pelted with stones while he was on tour of flood-affected areas of Gujarat. We want to know where did he go? What is he trying to hide? It was then Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh who asked how could Rahul Gandhi step overseas without the SPG cover. Later in a series of tweets from his speech, he said, "SPG protectee get security cover under an Act of Parliament reflecting the will and wisdom of Parliament for providing security".

"This is not only a violation of SPG Act but being negligent to safety issues as well", he said in Lok Sabha.

Singh said that with Gandhi being under SPG protection, the Advance Security Liaising (ASL) had been carried out before his visit.

Rajnath Singh even revealed that Rahul spent 72 days overseas through six foreign trips but he never took his SPG cover. "Adequate measures were were taken by the State police ahead of Rahul Gandhi's visit to Banaskantha". He was even provided a bullet-proof auto.

"Someone from the crowd threw a stone". He should have listened to the advice of security personnel.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh alleged Rahul had violated security protocol.

Coming to the support of the Congress, Sudip Bandhopadhyay (TMC) said the House should condemn the attack on Rahul, calling it condemnable and disgraceful.

Singh said the Congress needed to introspect why Gandhi was attacked while Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, who also visited the area, did not face any protest.

"The government says in Kashmir stone pelting is done by terrorists". The SPG was constituted and trained specially to provide protection for the former Prime Ministers along with their family members. Were they from Kashmir?

Kharge demanded an apology from the BJP and asked: "If Gujarat BJP leaders have turned into terrorists and wanted take Rahul's life".