Rare pink dolphin spotted in Louisiana ship channel


What's more, those on the boat claim they saw not one, but two pink dolphins in the ship channel.

A woman captured stunning video of a pink dolphin swimming in a Louisiana channel over the weekend.

According to Captain Erik Rue, a southwest Louisiana fishing and hunting guide, he's spotted the pink dolphin about 10 years ago when it was a baby.

Although Boudreaux told WFLA that she actually saw two pink dolphins swimming together, she says one unfortunately disappeared before she could snap a photo.

NBC reached out to the agency to ask about the video. One jumping out of the water near her boat caught the attention of her and her husband. "We watched them for awhile until that ship came and they went towards it".

"I about fell out the boat", said Boudreaux.

This isn't the first time this pink dolphin has been spotted in the area, either.

There is another species of dolphin that is commonly known as a pink dolphin or a pink river dolphin: the Amazon river dolphin.

Albinism is reportedly extremely rare in dolphins.

So, it's not as rare as finding a unicorn, but laying eyes on a pink dolphin still pretty darn unusual!

Animal experts differ in opinion over whether "Pinky" is an albino dolphin, or if the rare color comes from a genetic variation.

In conclusion, we can verify that the picture of this pink dolphin is real.