Patriots Buy Two Planes, Add A Special Touch To The Exterior


The only problem we see here with the design is this: Where is the team going to fit in a sixth Lombardi trophy on the tail wing? "It is not known how aggressively the team will seek to make up some of its costs by advertising the planes' availability". A source said that the planes the Patriots bought are extended range, which allows the planes to fly non-stop for about 12 hours.

Rovell estimated a cost of around $10 million for both planes.

How cool would it be to fly on a custom Patriots plane?

The acquisition of one plane makes sense, two planes seem like overkill.

One of the planes will be the Patriots' main form of travel for the season, while the other will be a "backup" plane. A possible reason of this is flying sponsors along with friends and family to away games.

The franchise recently purchased two 767 Boeing wide-body jets during the offseason, and the entire plane has all first-class seats that can all recline completely. They will be flown out of Providence's TF Green Airport. One of the reasons for this is many airlines have done away with or limited their charter flight services. At least two of those teams, the Steelers and the Dolphins, took their business to charter only airline, Miami Air, sources said.

The rising cost of chartering flights for National Football League teams makes the decision to buy a plane somewhat easier. During the average National Football League season, a team flies to 10 away games, which might not seem like a lot to warrant an aircraft purchase. Owner Robert Kraft has assured his football team will fly in style.

Those trips are expected to cost about $4 million anyway, so the Patriots can save money in the long-run by purchasing the planes, which they can also rent out when not in use to help recoup some of the expense.